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The Importance of Complying with AS 3547

Australians and alcohol go well together. Well, not so much.

Medical data taken from Victoria Hospital between 2000 and 2009 showed an increase in alcohol-related hospitalisation of many young Aussies particularly on the eve and during public holidays. Consequently, one of the most highly recommended preventive measures is to have your own breathalyser.

Breathalyser – an alcohol testing device

A breathalyser is a breath alcohol personal testing device that can help you monitor Blood Alcohol Concentration. But you must not only buy any breathalyser – it must comply with Australian Standards, particularly, AS 3547-1997. This standard is monitored by SAI Global.

Our breathalysers have been certified with STANDARDSMARK, a registered certification of SAI Global. This AS3547 certification assures the premium quality of all the breathalysers we sell.

The AS3547 Certification also means that the breathalysers have undergone extensive laboratory and field testing by SAI. The laboratory and field tests guarantee that our breathalysers are more reliable, more accurate, and more successful during actual use compared to other breathalysers in the market, which are not certified by.

The SAI Global Certification also assures that the breathalysers you will buy from us are serviceable.

Benefits of Aus Standard Breathalysers

The AS3547 Certification granted to all our breathalysers assure each buyer and user that the device is of the highest quality by Australian and worldwide standards.

Our breathalysers that are marked with SAI Global’s STANDARDSMARK assure you that your breath alcohol personal testing device will not fail in measuring the BAC level at any given time. Our breathalysers are of highest quality and are able to produce accurate reading.

The AS3547 Certification also means that our breathalysers come with warranty. Should any breathalyser purchased fail or not satisfy you, feel free to come so we can see what can be done.

All Andatech Breathalzers requires calibration every 6 months or 200x usages. This is an integral part of breathalyser; hence you rest assure that your breathalyser will always produce accurate reading when you use it.

Set an appointment with us and we will be glad to provide support in making sure that your breathalyser maintains its high quality.

Browse our products and find the breathalyser that suits your needs. All of our breathalysers are AS3547-certified, guaranteed. Make a wiser decision. Buy only Australia certified breathalyzer!

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